Satellite symposia and additional scientific programme


Royal Canin®
Дата: 5 сентября 2019 г.
Время: 16:30–17:00
Место: Экспофорум, зал 3 (E10–11)
Тема: Гематурия кошек: дифференциальные диагнозы
Спикер: Наталия Прокофьева


Nestle Purina Pet Сare®
Дата: 6 сентября 2019 г.
Время: 14:00–14:40
Место: Экспофорум, зал 3 (Е10–11)
Тема: Purina Institute : «Наука в основе питания»
Спикер: Даниэль Родес Молто, Региональный лидер Института Nestlé Purina Pet Care® в Европе, на Среднем востоке, и в Северной Африке


2. Pre-lectures Royal Canin (September 4, 9:00-13:00)

Royal Canin is glad to invite everyone to visit the two free sections organized by Royal Canin before the start of the 25th European Veterinary Congress FECAVA 2019. Congress hall, Expoforum, St. Petersburg on September 4, 9:00-13:00.

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HALL E7-E11: Daniel Aja (DVM. Chief Veterinary Relations and Trasformation Officer. Banfield Pet Hospital)

Where is veterinary care in the United States headed?

      • What should I know about veterinary consolidation

How to develop an engaged hospital team, and why do you need this?

      • Leadership or Management
      • Roles

Partnerships for healthy, mutual success.

      • Your community
      • Your suppliers
      • Your team
      • Your clients

Why a great client experience is so important?

      • The WOW effects

The Banfield way of Preventive Care.

      • Let’s prevent first rather than wait to treat

Why nutrition will drive your success!

      • Great nutrition is good medicine

Q&A session

HALL E8-E9-E11: Vincent Biourge (Royal Canin. Health & Nutrition Scientific Director, In the Discover, R&D service)

Obesity and Underweight pet. Focus on the practical management

Nutrition approach for Hepatic Lipidosis with feline

Nutrition approach for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Clinical nutrition with Oxalate and Struvite Urolithiasis

Interesting clinical cases from practice

      • CKD
      • Chronic enteritis
      • Adverse food reaction

Q&A session


3. DENTAL VETLAB в рамках конгресса FECAVA пройдет мастер класс по стоматологии.

Дата: 4 сентября 2019
Время: с 9:00 до 13:00
Место проведения: ЭКСПОФОРУМ, зал Е10-E12
Лектор: Jerzy Gavor DVM, PhD, FAVD, Dip AVDC, Dip.EVDC
Участие бесплатно. Программа по ссылке